Core Rules
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The fragile peace between mages has always been kept by the legendary WarMage of High Bastion. From the Stone Seat, the authority of the WarMage over the mages of Elerania has been absolute and unchallenged for decades… until now.
Now the WarMage is dead, the world of mages is in chaos, and the Stone Seat stands empty–waiting for the most ambitious, most powerful mage to claim its glory…
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WarMage is a competitive magic-battle card-game. Players draw spells from a communal deck in order to eliminate each other in an epic battle to be named the true WarMage. A strategic game for 2 to 6 players, it can be a fast-paced duel to the death or a slow strategic battle depending on the players.

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WarMage: Apprentice Edition was the first installment of our WarMage series. It funded successfully on Kickstarter, and was the prototype for our final product, WarMage.
We especially want to thank all of our Kickstarter backers! We couldn’t do all this without you!
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