Roan Arts is an independent creative studio started in 2009, dedicated to the design and production of entertainment media in a variety of genres, formats, and subject matters.
We believe in dealing fairly and honestly with our customers and team members, as well as adhering to moral and ethical principles in all aspects of management and production.
We are passionate not just about making media, but also about doing our part to make our industries better as a whole. We are motivated to do things truly independently, with the best tools available to us, and support the growing community of groundbreaking independent developers.
We have multiple projects in progress at any time; we believe in keeping ourselves busy and in building a library of creative media projects, instead of being tied to a single franchise. We’re in it to make everything from games to comics to movies, for everyone from the casual consumer to the hardcore fan, of all ages, across a myriad of genres.
Our projects range from those with mature themes to imaginative endeavors designed for parents and children to enjoy together. We don’t believe in confining ourselves to just one kind of project, genre, or media, or that only some kinds of projects are valid. We have a love for creative media of all kinds, and so we seek to make creative media of all kinds.